Tasha & Doni

Doni and Tasha (and their dog Kato) are the whole package.  Their love for one another is evident in everything they say and do.  We were so excited to be able to photograph them in their hometown of Oakland.  On a brisk March day, these two braved chilly winds and lots of curious bystanders to make some beautiful photographs.  Tasha works as a marketing analyst in San Francisco and is deeply passionate about everything she speaks on.  Incredibly intelligent, well spoken and of course beautiful, she made our job incredibly easy.  Doni is a hilarious firefighter in San Francisco whose heart is the biggest of anyone I've ever met.  Katy and I felt so honored to be trusted with their engagement photographs and feel that their love and commitment to one another shines through them.  Congratulations you two, and we wish you a tremendous lifetime of great food, friends, and travel!!!

To see the rest of their photos    click here

To see the rest of their photos click here