Iris & Alec

Talk about two people who were cut from the same cloth.  These two are the definition of an adventure couple.  Iris and Alec both spend their lives helping others.  Iris is a nurse at Children's Hospital Oakland where she tends to children in the ER making their current predicament just a little more tolerable with her good nature and warm disposition.  Alec is a firefighter in San Francisco at one of the busiest firehouses in the nation and despite his lack of sleep, his boundless energy is evident.  These two were such good sports splashing through the cold surf on a chilly December day!  Their photos are reflective of their love for one another and their connection to the sea and San Francisco.  Congratulations you two on your engagement and we wish you both an amazing lifetime of fishing and travel together!!!

To see more from their shoot    click here

To see more from their shoot click here