Amalia & Justin

Mid-morning civil ceremonies at San Francisco's City Hall are still one of our favorite weddings to be a part of.  Between the beautiful rotunda and the soft light that comes through the large windows, City Hall still ranks high on our list as one of the best places to get married in the Bay Area!  When you mix that incredible environment with two incredible people, you end up with an amazing wedding.  Both Amalia and Justin were full of energy, love and excitement.  We thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet their close friends and family, who all reflected the same kindheartedness and warmth that the two of them have.  We felt incredibly lucky to get to be a part of their big day and we wish them both nothing short of an incredibly long, loving and happy marriage together!  

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Tasha & Doni

Doni and Tasha (and their dog Kato) are the whole package.  Their love for one another is evident in everything they say and do.  We were so excited to be able to photograph them in their hometown of Oakland.  On a brisk March day, these two braved chilly winds and lots of curious bystanders to make some beautiful photographs.  Tasha works as a marketing analyst in San Francisco and is deeply passionate about everything she speaks on.  Incredibly intelligent, well spoken and of course beautiful, she made our job incredibly easy.  Doni is a hilarious firefighter in San Francisco whose heart is the biggest of anyone I've ever met.  Katy and I felt so honored to be trusted with their engagement photographs and feel that their love and commitment to one another shines through them.  Congratulations you two, and we wish you a tremendous lifetime of great food, friends, and travel!!!

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To see the rest of their photos click here

Iris & Alec

Talk about two people who were cut from the same cloth.  These two are the definition of an adventure couple.  Iris and Alec both spend their lives helping others.  Iris is a nurse at Children's Hospital Oakland where she tends to children in the ER making their current predicament just a little more tolerable with her good nature and warm disposition.  Alec is a firefighter in San Francisco at one of the busiest firehouses in the nation and despite his lack of sleep, his boundless energy is evident.  These two were such good sports splashing through the cold surf on a chilly December day!  Their photos are reflective of their love for one another and their connection to the sea and San Francisco.  Congratulations you two on your engagement and we wish you both an amazing lifetime of fishing and travel together!!!

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To see more from their shoot click here

Megan & Lucas

WOW!  These two were obviously just made to be together.  Their love is a beautiful balance of passion and silliness.  Megan is a sincere, thoughtful and passionate woman whose dedicated her life to others as a social worker.  Lucas is a musician who can belt out any tune you name and an equally thoughtful and generous soul.  Their engagement shoot was reflective of who they are as a couple.  Katy and I worked hard to pick both locations and poses that would reflect their love for nature, music, and each other.  They did an amazing job making the photography easy!  Thank you Megan and Lucas with trusting Chris Chambre Photography with your engagement shoot and we wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness!  


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Amy & Julian

Now here's one of those couples that you just know are perfect for one another.  Amy is an Oakland Public school teacher whose love for her job and the children she teaches is evident.  Julian works at a tech company in San Francisco and has an incredibly deep passion not only for his work, but for music, sports, and of course Amy.  Their wedding was slated to be in late October and the previous week's forecast indicated rain.  But such as Amy and Julian are together, the weather broke for an incredibly beautiful, sunny, and perfect day.  We would like to wish Amy and Julian a lifetime of love and joy, and a heartfelt congratulations on an incredibly touching and beautiful wedding!

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To check out the rest of the photographs click here

Denise & John Wedding

2016 Started off with a bang celebrating the marriage of Denise and John.  Even though it was in the dead of February, the sun shone brightly and there was hardly a cloud in the sky.  We were so excited to photograph this beautiful couple's wedding, set against the lush trees and brush of San Francisco's Presidio, making their pictures beautifully reflective of their love for one another.  Congratulations you two, and thank you for letting us be a part of your amazing day!  

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Check out all the rest of their photos by clicking here